Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Favourite Fish For Many The Easy To Care For But Spectacular Betta.

The Betta or Siamese Fighting fish as it was once more popularly known has been a staple of community aquariums for many, many years a position that they are not always that comfortable in.

Betta Splendens are naturally from Thailand (formerly Siam) and Malaysia from slower moving warmer bodies of water. They are members of the Gourami family and still have the labyrinth organ associated with this group of fish, this organ allows the fish to breath atmospheric air from the water surface. 

The Betta has been and still is very misconceived with many people thinking that they will thrive on neglect due to the ability to breath air and the fact they can be found in standing water, or that they can be kept in the hustle and bustle of a busy community aquarium. 

The highly developed Betta deserves so much more and now people are beginning to appreciate these gorgeous fish in their own right. many forms are now bred and trade in including: Veil Tail, Comb Tail, Crown tail, Half Moon, Rose Tail, Feather Tail, Delta Tail, Double Tail, Elephant Ear and many more!!! All of this in a Kaleidoscope of terrific metallic colours.

Given their own space in a warm, gently filtered tank with clear yet subdued lighting these fish will amaze you with their confidence and character! No longer hidden at the back of your community with tired tattered fins these beautiful fish will soon become pets in their own right living for three to four years or more!

Zoo Med have brought out a whole range of Betta Accessories to help maintain your fish in peak condition. Check out the new section of the More For Pets site specifically dedicated to the Betta!! Here you can purchase all of your Betta accessories at cheap prices, everything from specialised pellets foods and automatic feeders, tank decorations and floating hide logs, to heaters and digital thermometers.

So if you already keep one of these amazing fish or are thinking of getting a colourful character fish that takes up very little room take a look at our latest section where you can get your pet supplies online now!

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